Diogene by Renzo Piano, 2013

Vitra Campus Renzo Piano Pavillion

Another element has been added to the Vitra Campus. With “Diogene”, Renzo Piano and his architecture office Renzo Piano Building Workshop have developed a living unit which unites all elementary functions of temporary living under one roof in a modest living space of six square metres. As the modern interpretation of an archaic cabin, “Diogene” is Vitra's largest product, but also the smallest building of the architectural ensemble in Weil am Rhein. The building is named after the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope ("Diogene di Sinope" in Italian) who is said to have lived in a barrel because he considered worldly luxuries to be superfluous.

Although “Diogene’s” façade matches that of a simple house, it is in reality a highly complex technical building with consumption, production and disposal satisfying the highest demands of sustainability and energy efficiency. Be it as a secondary residence in nature, a home office in one's own garden or as a temporary installation, the object fulfils the dream of minimalist housing and offers a retreat for the modern-day Diogenes – an urban nomad who longs for the return to a simple lifestyle, far away from the bustle, noise and distractions of everyday life.


Depending on the desired purpose and individual resident needs, the living unit will be available from Vitra as of 2014 in three different versions. For further information, please contact the VitraHaus sales team (, +49 (0)7621 702 3502).

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