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for Project Reference Pages

Project reference pages are the online showcase for a selection of projects that Vitra has recently implemented for customers. Besides a short introductory text, the emphasis of each page is on photographs of each project.

Project reference pages are displayed at three locations depending on the segment:


The structure and required content is the same for all three segments.

To request a project reference page, please complete the following checklist before you send us a briefing.

Minimum Requirements

Example page #1 - a simple project reference page with only one image


  • Title in German and English: ideally 35 letters or less
  • Subtitle in German and English: always the location of the project in the form "City, Country"
  • Key Visual: an image in jpeg format, horizontal orientation, minimum width of 1500 pixels
  • Metadata for all images/ videos1
  • Project information:
     - Client
     - City
     - Country
     - Year of project
     - Photographer
  • Short body text in German and English.
  • Product overview (Bookshelf / Product Listing): please specify which products are featured in the project and should be linked in the bookshelf at the end of the magazine article
  • Briefing: see "Submitting Content" below.
1 Please see Guidelines for Visual Media in Censhare.

Optional Extras

If additional content is available, we can show more impressions of the project, as on example page #2.


  • Additional project information:
     - Year of opening
     - Retail space (in m2)
     - Architect
     - Interior architect
     - Shopfitter
     - Lighting designer
     - Lighting technology
     - Energy consumption
  • Text translations in other languages: ES, FR, IT, NL, US, JP
  • Additional images: jpeg format, preferably in horizontal orientation
  • Featured products: suggestions for information windows overlaid on products in project photos (coordinate point)
  • Video: mpeg-4 format, horizontal orientation, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Metadata for all images/ videos1
1 Please see Guidelines for Visual Media in Censhare.


To create or update a webpage on, we'll need a briefing from you. To save time and effort for everyone, please assemble as much content as possible, organize it, translate it and proofread it before submitting the briefing. Let us know where the images should be placed in the text and include the Censhare Asset ID for each image in the briefing. For new images (not yet in Censhare), ask us for a content folder and we will create one for you and send you the Asset ID to which you can upload the images. Texts and translations (MSWord documents) can also be uploaded to the content folder.

Example of a simple briefing

Image: Eduardo Perez