Getting Ready for the New Normal

A New Destination for Shared Spaces

In the past few weeks we have been focused on ensuring a safe return to the office. In response to the pandemic, companies had to quickly implement easy solutions for employee safety along with measures such as shift working and remote working to reduce their occupancy rates.

After a months-long standstill aimed at curbing the pandemic's spread, the travel industry, hospitality venues and public institutions are reopening and preparing for a new normal. With the public yearning to travel, go out on dinner dates or come together to sing, dance and play, effective management of the spaces that host these activities is key to controlling the proliferation of the disease. In a first phase, general health and safety solutions that allow for physical distancing and avoid the spread of infection had to be implemented and were heavily regulated in most countries. In a second phase, the experiences from the first half of 2020 will lead to longer-term design implications in the spaces that we share. This paper collects the best practices encountered over the past months and presents our preliminary insights into the world that awaits us.

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