Joyn 2 Meet

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2023

Joyn 2 Meet offers meeting tables ranging from 120 x 80 cm to 900 x 180 cm. The base can be configured in diverse shapes and sizes for sitting or standing-height tables – on either glides or castors. Furniture on castors promotes dynamic work methods in the office, while variants with glides enable electrification cables to be concealed in the table legs.

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Joyn 2

Inspired by the family table at the heart of their childhood home in Brittany, designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec developed the office table system Joyn together with Vitra in 2002: oversized shared tables serve as a platform for communication and teamwork. Joyn was the origin of a new office typology that promotes dynamic and spontaneous collaboration. Twenty years later, it still represents the norm in many companies. Joyn 2 enhances the iconic radicalism of the original design through the added dynamic functionality of a modern office table system geared to the future, where employees share open workstations for collaborative tasks. Joyn 2 is a simple, adaptable design made with durable materials to minimise the carbon footprint. The resulting system therefore features solid wood table tops, screens made of cork and desk pads using recycled leather remnants from Vitra’s furniture production, as well as bases made of untreated aluminium – and those parts that are in plastic are manufactured largely from recycled sources. Designed in a colour scheme that matches this use of sustainable materials, Joyn 2 has a fresh contemporary look and is suited as much for workshop-style offices as for elegant corporate environments. The characteristic Joyn platform now also welcomes the Meeting and Touchdown versions. The Joyn 2 Platform serves as a basis for teamwork, and despite just four legs allows table lengths of up to 6.4 metres and accommodating 8 to 10 regular workspaces – with easily accessible power and data options and diverse accessories for personalisation. The compact Joyn 2 Touchdown tables, on the other hand, are designed for temporary use: the user can quickly and easily connect their laptop and other devices, while screens provide acoustic and visual privacy for focused tasks. Finally, Joyn 2 Meet offers conference tables for two to ten people. Joyn 2 Touchdown and Joyn 2 Meet exists in both sitting and standing height versions and are optionally available on castors.

This product was designed by

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

The brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec live and work in Paris. Their oeuvre ranges from small everyday objects to architectural projects. They have worked with Vitra since 2000 and have contributed numerous designs to both the office and home collections.