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Product service

Do you have a general question or complaint about a product? Or do you have a specific question regarding the repair, overhaul or maintenance of a product?

You can find answers to common enquiries in the FAQ's. If this information does not provide a satisfactory answer to your question, please contact us using the form below.

Why should I use the contact form?
The subject-specific contact form is the most efficient means of communicating with us. Provide your contact data, a short description of the problem and any digital photos (if available) to guarantee quick processing. You should receive a reply within two business days.
Online shop: requests for service and/or complaints
Please use the contact form below. It will enable us to process your request as quickly as possible.
Do I own an original or a counterfeit/replica, and how can I tell the difference?
The differences between an original product and a copy are not always visible from photos. Please use the provided form to contact us, so that one of our experts can get in touch with you. Should it not be clear from your digital photos whether your product is an original, it can be examined by an authorised partner or at the Vitra plant in Weil am Rhein. Fees for collection and return delivery, along with any other expenses, will be at your own cost.
Can I bring my faulty product directly to the plant in Weil am Rhein?
Customers in France and Germany:
Please use the contact form to notify us of your planned delivery for on-site repair. Our reply will include a repair number, which will allow you to deposit your product at the VitraHaus reception counter. Please note that no items will be accepted without a repair number.

Customers in Switzerland and other non-EU countries:
Please follow the same procedure as customers in Germany and France and also make sure to observe the valid export and re-import regulations of your home country.
Current information on Swiss regulations can be found here: Federal Customs Administration FCA
Where can I find information on repairs?
You can request relevant information using the contact form below. We will also provide the contact data of your nearest Vitra dealer, who will happily assist you for repairs, consulting and support services.
Where can I obtain care instructions for my product?
You will find the appropriate documents under 'Information material' on the relevant product page of the website. Further information on care instructions can be requested using this contact form.

You can also find information about care products and instructions for cleaning fabrics and leathers in the online shop of our partner LCK. LCK has tested their cleaning agents to specifically determine their suitability for use on Vitra fabrics and leathers; therefore you can directly address your questions to LCK customer service.
What is the best way to care for solid wood?
Vitra supplies a set of care products with instructions for tables with solid wood tops. Replacement sets can be ordered from the Vitra Service department.
Where can I buy glides and castors?
Your Vitra dealer will be happy to supply these spare parts. Or notify us directly using the contact form below.
Where can I find user instructions for my product?
You will find the appropriate documents under 'Information material' on the relevant product page of the website. Further information on product use can be requested using the contact form below.
Is my product under warranty?
Aluminium Group chairs and Soft Pad Group chairs:
Vitra grants a 30-year warranty on all Aluminium Group and Soft Pad Group chairs purchased after September 2003. Vitra replaces or repairs all chairs from these two product groups for a period of 30 years in the event of a manufacturing or material defect.*

*This warranty excludes damage resulting from normal wear or improper use. Your statutory rights concerning faulty products are not affected by this warranty.
Does Vitra have anything to do with VitrA Global?
VitrA is a company of the Turkish Eczacibasi Group, which has produced and distributed tiles and sanitary ceramics worldwide since 1942. The similarity in the brand names is coincidental, and the two companies have developed completely independently of one another. We maintain a friendly relationship, but there are absolutely no commercial ties.
I have used the contact form. When can I expect an answer?
We strive to process requests within two business days. Once you have sent the contact form, you will receive confirmation of receipt along with a ticket number. Please use this ticket number in all further correspondence relating to the same topic.


Product service

If you have questions about any of our products, we need additional information in order to provide prompt and specific answers.
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Data protection:

We collect, process and/or use personal data only in compliance with the laws regarding data protection. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Statement which you can view here. At your request, we will be happy to send you a copy.