Flora & Fauna

Düsseldorf, Germany

Located in a former ticket factory where tickets for the Düsseldorf Rheinbahn were printed from the 1880s on, a so-called Creative Habitat has been established within a space of 1280 square metres. Different creative service providers come together here for mutual interaction and inspiration, the promotion of projects and issues, and personal and professional development.

The various companies are visually demarcated by different vegetation zones: tundra, deciduous and mixed forest, steppe, hardwoods, desert, savannah and tropical rainforest, which are expressed in the choice of materials, colours and plantings. The office environments are structured and equipped to support flexible working in regularly changing project teams. The use of Vitra products upholds the underlying cultural concept of the space while fulfilling the exacting quality standards of the customer.
Interior architecture
Citizenoffice GmbH
Anna Martin
Product overview