Hyundai Capital

London, England

After designing several major projects for Hyundai Capital across the globe, the architecture firm Gensler was commissioned to create the new UK headquarters in London. It was important to develop a striking environment that appeals to the coveted technology experts and programmers that Hyundai Capital is trying to attract and retain.

The choice of furniture – mainly Vitra products – and selected materials and colours throughout the office have been combined with details such as plants and accessories to create an inviting atmosphere. The workspace is outfitted with Hack tables from Vitra, which have a raw wooden aesthetic. These support both, solo tasks and team work, as well as being extremely flexible: Hack can simply be folded up and stored away. Besides use as workspaces, other versatile configurations are also possible to promote informal work and spontaneous discussions – from classic meeting rooms and sofa lounges to coffee bar niches.
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