Vitra Circle

A circular model for sustainable retaill

The Circle Stores of the Swiss furniture company Vitra put sustainable management principles into practice by giving its products a second life. Following the pilot project launched in Brussels in 2017, the successful concept is now being expanded to include a Circle Store near Frankfurt.

‘Vitra’s greatest contribution to sustainability is the creation of high-quality products that last a long time and omit superfluous elements. Our roots in modern design would allow nothing else.’ Sustainability is not a project or corporate goal for Vitra, but an entrepreneurial attitude that finds expression in every activity. The continuation of the Circle Store concept also reaffirms the company’s consistent actions in support of the circular economy and represents a further step in the sustainable development of the brand.

To develop products that last as long as possible, Vitra avoids short-lived trends and omits non-essential details. Its products are designed to remain in active use for a maximum period of time and then be easily recycled. The Circle Stores sell used items from sample collections, exhibitions and trade fairs, thereby putting them back into circulation. In addition to classic pieces, the assortment encompasses products by contemporary designers from the Vitra Collection, including accessories and task chairs for the home office.
The Circle Store in Offenbach is housed in a former warehouse, which can serve this new purpose without any extensive remodelling, in keeping with the sustainable concept. Purchases are made on site, but customers looking for a particular item can view the entire range online prior to their visit and add favourite products to a wish list.

Vitra Circle
Benzstrasse 23
63071 Offenbach

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Publication date: 9.12.2020
Images: Vitra