Plywood Group DCM

Charles & Ray Eames, 1945/1946
In 1945, after several years of experimentation, Charles and Ray Eames successfully developed the legendary chairs of the Plywood Group, whose three-dimensionally moulded shapes fit the contours of the human body.
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Back and seat (DCM, LCM) and base (DCW, LCW Calf's Skin, LCW Leather)
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Plywood Group
Charles and Ray Eames spent many years experimenting with new techniques for producing three-dimensionally moulded plywood seat shells that conformed to the contours of the human body. They achieved this with the chairs in the Plywood Group, which have matured into classics with an appearance that still looks contemporary today. For the Plywood Group, they also combined the seats and backs with different bases. Thanks to the organic shape of the plywood shells and the slightly flexible backrests, these light and compact chairs are extremely comfortable – also in the versions without upholstery.