Vitra Sessions

Here’s what you’ve missed

The Vitra Sessions are a series of short digital events that explore how offices, homes and public spaces are evolving. The format brings together expert keynotes from people working across different disciplines and industries, including Gianpiero Petriglieri, associate professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD; Esther Perel, an internationally renowned psychotherapist; Dr. Antje von Dewitz, the CEO of outdoor brand Vaude; Monica Khemsurov, a design editor, author and co-founder of online magazine Sight Unseen; and many more. The sessions feature in-depth conversations about design, product news with practical tips for individuals and companies, and creative insights from both within and beyond the realm of furniture design.

Club Office

Vitra Research & Design Office, Birsfelden

Using our own spaces – and our Research & Design team - as a testing ground, Vitra’s Consulting & Planning team has build the first Club Office at our head office in Birsfelden, near Basel, Switzerland. People do not come to the office today for individual activities requiring concentration – they come because they have a desire to feel part of a larger whole, because they want to meet their colleagues, and because they seek new knowledge and experiences. The Club’s ‘members’ – consisting of employees from all parts of Vitra and its close external partners – encounter a whole range of different spatial scenarios, divided into a public and a semi-public area. The Club Office in Birsfelden offers numerous different work settings within a small footprint of less than 300 square metres.​

Product solutions for hybrid work

For decades, Vitra has responded to transformations in the workplace with products for changing working conditions – guided by its own research in this field. As a result, many of the products used in the new Club Office already existed in the Vitra portfolio, while others were specially conceived to meet the new requirements. The new developments have in common a demand for flexibility and high quality, which allows the post-Covid office to adapt to shifting needs while signalling value and appreciation to its users.

Introducing Alcove Plus

Often copied but never equalled in terms of style and enduring quality, Alcove was one of the first examples of microarchitectural sofas to provide secluded niches or meeting spaces within open-plan offices.

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