Club Office​

Vitra Session #3 - 10 June 2021​, 10 am CET

The many advantages and disadvantages of distributed work have been studied and written about extensively over the past 15 months. The physical act of going back to the workplace will become a conscious choice for many. One that is guided by the tasks that lie ahead, the required level of interaction and the need for direct access to human and physical resources. The physical workspaces that we now build should complement the home office and provide added value for both the company and users. In this session, we will open the doors of the Club Office. Built over the last months at our head office in Basel, Switzerland, it was created by Vitra as a response to the need for post-pandemic workspaces.


The ‘Club Office’
Over the last eight months, we have taken the participants of our digital event series on a journey. We analysed 150 years of office history, then proposed ‘distributed work’ and shared Vitra’s own approach to hybrid working. We looked at home offices of all kinds in March. A distributed work model poses a series of design problems for companies, employees, architects, designers and space planners. With the development of the Club Office for Vitra’s own research and design team, we are now revealing our solution to the post-pandemic workspace.

Participant: Nora Fehlbaum
A workplace for creative teams
The physical place of work is of central importance for creative teams. In-person exchange and direct access to workshops are essential parts of the creative process, while technology must also be seamlessly integrated. Vitra’s Chief Design Officer Christian Grosen walks us through the needs of his team that ultimately shaped the ‘Club Office’ and discusses these with Vitra’s own Consulting & Planning Studio.

Participant: Christian Grosen
Working from the ‘Club Office’
As distributed work is here to stay, more and more employees will choose their optimal workplace based on who they want to interact with and which resources they need to access. What happens if all these requirements are met in one space? Vitra’s Creative Director Scenography invites us to follow him during a typical day at the Club Office.

Participant: Till Weber
A rookie in the club

Participant: Konstantin Grcic
Soft Work. The desk is dead.

Participants: Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
Hide and meet. New notions of privacy in the workspace.

Participants: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
‘Club Office’ Q&A session
The floor is yours. Pirjo Kiefer and Tim Reusch, the space planners of Vitra’s Consulting & Planning Studio will present workspace solutions and answer questions from the audience. Send your questions in advance to so that they can be answered during the Club Office session.

Participants: Pirjo Kiefer und Tim Reusch


In response to a time when work can be done from anywhere, the Club Office has been designed by Vitra to be more than just a workplace. In the Club, like-minded people consciously come together and strive toward the common purpose of their organisation. The first Club Office will open in Vitra’s own offices near Basel, Switzerland, on June 10. Until then, we will release weekly glimpses and behind-the-scenes footage. Follow our activities on social media and join our Vitra Session ‘Club Office’ on June 10 by signing up here.

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