Dynamic spaces

Vitra Summit - Day 2, Friday, 23 October AM CEST

The past few months have proven that office environments with a flexible design and a philosophy of change have a clear advantage: they can easily be adapted to changing health considerations and work patterns. At the same time, new functions have been added to our domestic spaces. This session will include conversations with Sharon Johnston, founding partner of the LA-based architecture practice Johnston Marklee, David Allemann, co-founder of the global shoe brand On, Nora Fehlbaum, CEO of Vitra, Ilse Crawford founder of Studioilse, Aric Chen, Curatorial Director at Design Miami and many others.


Dynamic spaces programme

Day 2, Friday 23, October, AM CEST
09:30 – 11:00 - New dynamics in the home
For most of us, our home has been the backdrop of our personal experience with the coronavirus pandemic and will forever be connected with it in our memories. It is therefore likely that our understanding of the function and meaning of our residential environment will have changed as a result. With more people than ever now working from home, this conversation examines how our domestic spaces now need to be reconceived as multi-purpose zones. The home office is not the only driver of this change: new technologies, changing family models and constantly evolving domestic ideals will also have to be taken into consideration.

Participants: Aric Chen, Ilse Crawford, Ivy Ross, Mateo Kries, Virgil Abloh
11:00 – 12:30 - New dynamics in the office
2020 proved the advantages of workspaces that have integrated flexibility into their design. A highly agile, modular office layout can adapt to the requirements of everchanging health considerations, teams and work patterns. Having all the options available at all times, however, gives a space a sense of impermanence and an ’unfinished‘ presence. The workspace is the home of the company – in many cases the only physical representation of its identity. How can the office of today and tomorrow provide the flexibility required to accommodate perpetual changes and at the same time provide a sense of permanence and belonging, making its inhabitants feel safe and ’at home‘ when they return to work?

Participants: David Allemann, Nora Fehlbaum, Sharon Johnston, Stephan Hürlemann
12:30 – 13:30 - Well-being rituals for the home and the office
Rituals related to our well-being are an important part of every workday – we all require breaks to nurture our mental and physical health. In this session, London-based chef Asma Khan and internationally trained yoga teacher Steph Cusack deliver inspiration and practical advice. Asma and the all-female staff at her restaurant Darjeeling Express have earned Chef’s Table fame. She meets with the designer Ilse Crawford to prepare an easy lunch in the studio’s kitchen (recipes provided). Meanwhile, Steph – who also trains Nike staff to realise the potential of the mind-body connection – demonstrates exercises to awaken the body and mind. A well-balanced yoga session with heart-opening stretches and gentle twists, perfect to wake up and start the day.

Participant: Asma Khan, Steph Cusack

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