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After the Vitra Summit, we continue the conversations that started last October, with a new and more compact, 90-minutes format – the Vitra Sessions. The sessions will continue to be highly diverse, mixing design stories with expert keynotes, product news with handy tips for individuals and companies. Taking place throughout the year, the new format answers many of the pressing questions that have emerged since the pandemic hit the world last year.

Questions about remote working and its impact on the quality of our output and our lives were on our minds even before the onset of the global pandemic. Rapid innovation in communication technologies had already created the potential for new forms of digital connection yet distributed working practices had not gained traction.

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Task Chairs

For some time now communication technologies have been blurring the line between life and work. Even before we had to migrate to our homes en masse, many of us were spending large parts of our working lives in places other than our offices. While operating from home might seem less rigid, in fact, without your daily commute or lunchtime outing, you might find yourself sitting in one place for longer than ever – and as everyone knows, sitting still for extended periods is a major health risk. Therefore, finding the right task chair, one that promotes the optimum dynamic sitting position, is essential.

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As we approach a new reality with far-reaching consequences for the home, the office and the spaces we share, how do we keep track of the key topics and most impactful processes?

Our free, downloadable e-papers, newspapers and brochures feature inspiring and thought-provoking content by a host of well-known designers, thought leaders, scientists and industry experts that will help you stay on top of the latest trends and developments.

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Dancing Office

Swiss designer and architect Stephan Hürlemann has adapted his studio to the new normal – with the aid of the Dancing Wall. He developed this system of mobile multi-functional wall elements together with Vitra as a tool for agile working.

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Our Clients

For decades, we have been exploring the question of how interiors and their furnishings can best serve inhabitants, users and visitors. We have provided answers to this question in countless projects all over the world.

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