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Ceramic Block

Virgil Abloh, 2019

In the installation TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE, the visitor's gaze is directed to the future with a wall of 150 consecutively numbered bright orange bricks: the Ceramic Blocks. These glazed ceramic objects are not just a structural element but also take on a life of their own as storage objects in Virgil Abloh's concept. The limited exhibition edition comprises 999 Ceramic Blocks, each with a noticeable numeral that makes it unique. If a numbered brick in the exhibition is sold and removed, the installation changes, simultaneously modifying Virgil Abloh's vision of 'Tomorrow'.
Ceramic Block - Virgil Abloh Special_web_16-9
Ceramic Block - Virgil Abloh Special_web_16-9


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Ceramics (1)
Material description
  • Material: ceramic, glazed finish.
Product family
Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra
Vitra is presenting the installation TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE by Virgil Abloh in the Fire Station on the Vitra Campus on 12 June 2019. Here the American artist, architect and designer created a very personal 'residential biography' of a fictitious teenager from the year 2019, accompanying him into the year 2035. Abloh uses the two sections 'Past/Present' and 'Tomorrow' to focus on the interaction between people and their home environment as they move from adolescence to adulthood. How might the…
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