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PwC Experience Center

Zurich, Switzerland

PwC is one of the world's leading auditing companies. For their Experience Centre in Zurich, they commissioned Stephan Hürlemann to develop a highly flexible office concept for an agile working environment. In the course of the planning process, the Swiss architect came up with the idea of a system of mobile partition walls, which can be used to structure spaces on an ad hoc basis. Vitra is currently collaborating with Hürlemann to further develop this interesting concept into a product that can be mass-produced: Dancing Walls. Complemented by other Vitra products suited to forward-looking workspaces, Dancing Walls form the core of the office concept at the Experience Centre. Users can design their working environment to fit the current tasks and requirements, and adjust or reconfigure it in seconds.
  • Interior architecture
    Stephan Hürlemann
  • Photographer
    Eduardo Perez