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Sit Better, Work Better – A Guide to Ergonomic Seating

For some time now communication technologies have been blurring the line between life and work. Operating away from the office had become commonplace well before we found ourselves migrating to our homes en masse. In general, the flexibility is welcome, but it is important to remember that sitting in one place for a long time is as much of a health hazard at home as it is in the workplace. A good task chair, one that promotes the perfect sitting position while injecting dynamism into your domestic work routine, is the cornerstone of a functional home office.
At Vitra we have been producing office chairs for over 40 years, focusing on designs that promote healthy, dynamic sitting. Our experience has taught us that it all comes down to discreetly hidden details and seamlessly integrated functional features. As a manufacturer we face the constant challenges of the ever-changing world of work. By combining state-of-the-art components, flawless design and the highest levels of quality, we make sure that our collection of task chairs continues to integrate the latest insights from our ongoing pursuit of healthy seating.
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Good design is not synonymous with good looks. Good design successfully solves a problem. This is why the design process at Vitra seeks solutions for the requirements of functionality, ergonomics, structural strength, durability, ecology, comfort and aesthetics. When a balance of all these conditions is achieved, products are created that people can rely on and enjoy.

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