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Teaser Widget (above)
Short title and text - emphasis on images and call to action.
Visual media should be calm so text is readable. Black text also possible.
Background image and video - always 5:2.
Video in pop-up window ("Play Video" button) - always 16:9.
Up to four links possible. Call to action (button) texts preferably 2 words or less.
If no links are specified, the widget will show a down arrow.

Plate Dining Chair Soft Shell Side Shair Soft Shell Chair_web_16-9
Petite Potence_web_16-9

Inspirations Widget (above)
(= Reference Widget for Office Products - different name, same widget)
always 16:9 image(s)
with coordinates (1st image)
or without coordinates as fullscreen image (2nd image)

Video Widget
Video always 16:9 format. Any file format is OK, since it will be hosted and converted in Vitra's Vimeo account. Quality - at least Full HD (1920 x 1080 px), bigger is also OK. A teaser image is always required, also 16:9. The teaser may be a screenshot (stillframe) from the video. Include a title and brief introductory text (what are we seeing in the video?). A video widget can also be embedded in a text widget (title and intro text optional). See header "Text Widget".
Video Fullscreen Widget
Video with play button. Video - 16:9 format. Any file format is OK, hosted in Vimeo. Quality - at least Full HD (1920 x 1080 px). Teaser image always required, 16:9 or 5:2. The teaser may be a screenshot (stillframe) from the video. Include title and brief introductory text (what are we seeing in the video?).

Video Background Widget
Video 16:9, hosted in Vimeo, at least Full HD quality. Teaser image 16:9. Options: autoplay, looping, mute. For autoplay, audio must be muted. For "seamless" autoplay start, preview image shold be a screenshot of the first frame of the video. Also possible without text (autoplay video only).
Call to action

Text Widget


Body text - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum.

"This is a quote." Quotes should be short because the text is big.
Quote Person Name

bold text

FAQ - question: click to drop down
FAQ - answer. Links also possible.

  • bullet list
  • bullet point 2


Link in text: for more info about images in the text widget see Possible Image Layouts.
Link as Button

Single image - horizontal image ratio (here with white background):

Image pair - images must have the same image ratio:

Picture gallery embedded:

Video embedded:

iFrame embedded:

Bookshelf embedded (more info about Bookshelf Widgets below):

Bookshelf Widget
Rows of (up to) four, usually no more than two rows (8 links). Teaser images always 4:3. A bookshelf can also be embedded in a text widget. See header "Text Widget".

Only Subfamilies can be linked. (Families can be linked in a bookshelf widget, however without designer name and price information.) Always rows of four. Consider products' local channels (e.g. Eames / Non-Eames).

Slider Parallax Widget
One or more fullscreen slides which move vertically by scrolling up or down. Only still images, always 16:9. Title, teaser text, call to action. Because of its expansive size, it's only used as a call to action to link to important themes (i.e. to jump to a landing page)
Slider Parallax Widget - Slide 2
This widget is used infrequently because of its extreme size and slightly non-intuitive user "feel".

Social Wall Widget

Once the social wall is creted (externally), we need a URL to enter into the Metadata of this widget. The social wall will then be displayed.

An automatically updating selection of articles / pages (usually the newest based on publication date) will be shown. Can be set to show news articles, magazine articles, project references or a sub-topic of one of these (for example, the latest office news topics, as above). Can be limited to a maximum number of articles (usually 4 or 8).