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Service & Assembly

It is finished when you’re satisfied.
We will never state that a project has been concluded until you are completely satisfied. We gear our service and installation activities entirely towards your needs. The most important dates of course are for the rollout – and your store‘s grand opening. Whatever has to be done by then, or afterwards at your request, will be done until there’s a reason to celebrate.

Good sprinters don’t stop at the finishing line.
They cross it so fast that they still have enough momentum left to carry them on. That’s precisely our attitude as we near the end of a project. And we continue to be there for you. Highly motivated and drawing upon our entire wealth of installation competence, we install everything on site using our own teams or external partners throughout the world with whom we have been collaborating for many years. If you’d like, one of our own supervisors can train and support your local teams and their people. We remain on site following conclusion of the installation; our experience has shown that there are often still a few tweaks to be managed shortly after the store opens.

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