Vlinder Sofa

Hella Jongerius, 2018

When creating the new Vlinder Sofa, Hella Jongerius drew on her extensive knowledge of weaving techniques along with ten years of experience as Art Director for colours and materials at Vitra. Vlinder combines the archetypal form of a comfortable sofa with a precisely tailored duvet-like fabric cover. The textile cover bears the Dutch designer's distinctive signature and pushes the boundaries of modern weaving technology: eight colours with yarns of two different thicknesses comprise the various levels of seven different jacquard weaves. A multitude of weave patterns, colours and textures flow together on the surface to form a choreographed, richly abstract composition full of density and depth.
The contemporary body of the Vlinder Sofa serves as a platform for the extraordinary cover: a rich tapestry of motifs, weaves and colour that vaguely resembles a colourful butterfly with outspread wings. Sinuously draped over the entire structure, the cover is held in place by its own weight. Only parts of the underlying armrests and backrest remain visible, with a fabric surface that corresponds to the colours and bindings of the cover – in light reds, light greens, dark reds or dark greens, depending on the selected version. Comprising multiple layers of foam, the soft upholstery of Vlinder is combined with the feather-and-down-filled cover to provide exceptional comfort.

Vlinder is perfectly complemented by Bovist, a stool and ottoman whose motif and colour scheme are inspired by the Vlinder Sofa and its multi-layer design.


Vlinder - light greens
Vlinder - dark greens
Vlinder - light reds
Vlinder - dark reds
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Hella Jongerius

The Dutch designer Hella Jongerius lives and works in Berlin. She founded the Jongeriuslab studio in 1993 and began collaborating with Vitra in 2004. Since then, she has not only contributed a substantial number of designs to the continually expanding Vitra Home Collection, but has also applied her expertise in the realm of colours and materials to the Vitra Colour & Material Library.