Wood & wood-based materials
Wood is a natural raw material that Vitra uses in a variety of manners, for example as veneer, MDF, particle board, paper, cardboard, solid wood, etc. Vitra procures wood and wood-based materials of European and North American origins from European suppliers with a legally certified sustainable forest management system.

At Vitra, the tropical wood Santos Palisander is employed exclusively for the Eames Lounge Chair and the Butterfly Stool. It stems from FSC-certified sources and is procured from officially authorised exporters in Bolivia. Bolivia has a comparatively strict and efficient timber management legislation and the logs used for both of these Vitra products come from single fellings in sustainably managed forest areas.

A vendor declaration is required for every type of wooden material used utilised in a Vitra product, certifying compliance with the European Timber Regulation (EUTR). Vitra also pays attention to the sustainability of its supply sources. Wood-based materials such as particle board employed by Vitra are processed from by-products of the lumber, construction and furniture industries. In compliance with Swiss timber declaration laws, the origin of solid wood and also that of veneers used in Vitra furniture is indicated both in the price list and on the website www.vitra.com.

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