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Hexagonal Table

Alexander Girard, 1967

Girard is considered a master designer of fabrics, colours, patterns and textures. The aluminium top of his Hexagonal Table is inscribed with a geometric pattern, that is visible in reflections of light on the wall. This playful effect counters the cool metal aesthetic of Girard's decorative side table.
Mariposa_Planophore_Artek 401_Hexagonal Table_web_inspiration
Material description
  • Table top: polished die-cast aluminium, top thickness 12.6 mm.
  • Base: polished die-cast aluminium.
  • Glides: plastic glides (non-adjustable).
This product was designed by
Alexander Girard
The architect and designer Alexander Girard was one of the leading figures in American design during the postwar era. His passion for colours, patterns and textures found expression in the field of textile design, which was a focal part of his oeuvre.
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