As a manufacturer of long-lasting products with decades of experience in the development and processing of plastics, Vitra has devoted intense scrutiny to this material in the context of its approach to sustainability. Plastic is regarded by many as the most innovative material of the twentieth century. It can be moulded into any shape and enables innovative designs and technical concepts.

The physical properties of plastic can be precisely determined by its chemical composition – from very stiff to ultra-soft. Moreover, plastic is long-lasting, hygienic and inexpensive. The economic growth and widespread accessibility to consumer products that marked the twentieth century would not have been possible without plastic.

As a responsible manufacturer, Vitra is committed to using plastic wisely and limiting its impact on the environment for future generations. This motivates Vitra’s development of new products made from recycled materials whenever possible, along with its ongoing assessment of the potential for existing products to be manufactured from such material, such as Tip Ton RE and Toolbox RE, which were launched in 2020.

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