Vitra as an employer

Interview with Sonja Hornberger, Chief People Officer (CPO)

What distinguishes Vitra as an employer?

Vitra is a family-owned company. Maintaining lasting relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and designers is very important to us. Our employees have frequent opportunities to take on new challenges and contribute their own ideas to the company.

What are the Vitra Leadership Principles?

A trusting relationship between employees and managers is the key to successful teamwork. The Vitra Leadership Principles provide a solid foundation for this: Empower People, Give Direction, Make Decisions and Celebrate Success. Regular performance reviews give both employees and managers the chance to openly share feedback with one another.

What should applicants expect from the everyday work experience at Vitra?

Our employees enjoy our trust, together with a corresponding level of freedom. Vitra promotes independent work and personal responsibility, creativity, bold action and solution-oriented thinking. In turn, we provide the necessary conditions: development opportunities and mutually constructive feedback.

What does Vitra expect from its employees?

Employees are regarded as equal partners, and we appreciate their motivation, commitment and identification with our company. We especially value those who are flexible and open to innovation, who want to enhance their professional skills, and who have the confidence to contribute new ideas and test their potential.

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