CDS Cluster

Antonio Citterio, 2016

The authentic industrial aesthetic of CDS conveys the character of a system founded on technical solutions. This impression is underscored by its structural details. The most practical approach was taken for each function. Easily accessible power options, cable baskets and cable guides keep work areas tidy, while privacy is ensured by the screens and the cleverly designed roller blinds, which are automatically supported by the higher of the table tops when raising or lowering the tables. In addition, discreet technical rails flush with the work surface can be fitted with desktop monitor and lamp holders, as well as containers and accessories, without the need for any tools.
Under-table unit (2)
  •  52 soft light powder-coated (smooth)
    52 soft light powder-coated (smooth)
  •  54 graphite grey
    54 graphite grey
Table tops (4)
  •  52 soft light
    52 soft light
  •  21 dim grey
    21 dim grey
  •  17 light oak
    17 light oak
  •  04 dark oak
    04 dark oak
Plano (39)Other colours
  •  05 cream white/sierra grey
    05 cream white/sierra grey
  •  18 light grey/sierra grey
    18 light grey/sierra grey
  •  39 yellow/pastel green
    39 yellow/pastel green
  •  68 avocado
    68 avocado
  •  34 grass green/forest
    34 grass green/forest
  •  61 classic green/cognac
    61 classic green/cognac
  •  41 classic green/forest
    41 classic green/forest
  •  17 forest/sierra grey
    17 forest/sierra grey
Screens (3)
  •  02 sand
    02 sand
  •  03 black
    03 black
  •  01 silk grey
    01 silk grey
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The requirements placed on today's office spaces are more diverse than ever. Highly varying tasks – from creative processes and intensive team projects to administrative responsibilities and concentrated individual work – demand versatile solutions. The modular office table system CDS caters to these requirements: it can be configured as individual tables, clusters of multiple workstations, spacious workbenches or meeting tables in various sizes. All are available either at a fixed height or as…
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This product was designed by
Antonio Citterio
The architect and designer Antonio Citterio, who lives and works in Milan, has collaborated with Vitra since 1988. Together they have produced a series of office chairs and various office systems, as well as products for the Vitra Home Collection. The Citterio Collection is constantly being expanded.
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