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Concepts & Projects for Public Spaces
Rooms and their décor have a great impact on our sense of well-being. They influence our mood and the way we behave, particularly if we spend several hours in them. Décor is thus much more than mere furnishing.

Vitra regards the furnishing of public interiors as an opportunity to demonstrate the positive influence of design – in airports, libraries, educational institutions, cultural venues and community centres; in waiting areas at public agencies, physicians’ offices and hospitals; in cafés, restaurants and hotels.

Airports & Transportation
For decades, Vitra has dedicated itself to the topic of sitting. This naturally includes time spent in public spaces – illustrated quite clearly by the fact that Vitra has had waiting area seating systems as a part of its product portfolio since 1962.
Coworking Spaces, which allow freelancers, creatives and small start-ups to rent offices and infrastructure on a monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly basis, have been increasing in number over the past few years.
Our research activities within the field of education have brought forth many innovative solutions that both promote future-oriented teaching methods and make optimum use of the space available. New trends and new ways of working, in particular within adult education, are thus given a means of expression in your rooms and your style of décor.
Rooms and their furnishings influence how we feel, our mood and our behaviour. Furnishing is more than mere furniture, and we at Vitra see our task in understanding, improving and guiding the signals given out by objects and rooms.