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Antony - Virgil Abloh Special_web_16-9
Antony - Virgil Abloh Special_web_16-9

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Base (1)
Seat shell (1)
Material description
  • Seat shell: plexiglas.
  • Base: powder-coated metal.
Product family
Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra
Vitra is presenting the installation TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE by Virgil Abloh in the Fire Station on the Vitra Campus on 12 June 2019. Here the American artist, architect and designer created a very personal 'residential biography' of a fictitious teenager from the year 2019, accompanying him into the year 2035. Abloh uses the two sections 'Past/Present' and 'Tomorrow' to focus on the interaction between people and their home environment as they move from adolescence to adulthood. How might the…
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This product was designed by
Jean Prouvé
Jean Prouvé, who regarded himself as an engineer throughout his lifetime, was both the designer and manufacturer of his product ideas. His unique oeuvre, ranging from a letter opener to door and window fittings, from lighting and furniture to prefabricated houses and modular building systems, encompasses almost anything that is suited to industrial production and construction.
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