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To develop products that last as long as possible, short-lived trends are avoided and non-essential details are omitted.

To grant products as long a life as possible, they are repaired, sold on or even donated for a good cause.

The end of a product’s life is always a sad occasion. To ensure that Vitra products remain in circulation for as long as possible, they are designed to make reutilisation easy. Repairs, take-back programmes and extended warranties promote preservation. And in Vitra Circle Stores, used Vitra products are sold, restored and returned to use.

«Sometimes I sit down in the evening in front of a Lounge Chair, reward myself with a glass of wine, and just enjoy looking at it.»

The Original is by Vitra

Invest in an original, for it will always retain its worth. An imitation will never be anything but a copy, a stolen idea. Appreciate the differences – not just the quality and more obvious variances but also the sensory and emotional appeal of the authentic product. An original is a lifelong companion and may well outlive you to be gratefully received by the next generation.

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The Bedtime Stories May Change, the Armchair Stays the Same.

Lounge Chair