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Landi Chair, Hans Coray, 1938 / Davy Table, Michel Charlot, 2014

The Landi Chair goes back to a pinnacle of design achievement. The humanist and artist Hans Coray designed the aluminium chair as an official piece of seating for the outdoor sections of the Swiss National Exhibition of 1939.

With its efficient use of material and functional elegance, the Landi Chair still sets a benchmark in industrial design today. For many years, the history of the classic was marked by alternating manufacturers, breaks in production and modifications to the original design. Now Vitra has managed to rework the Landi Chair together with Henriette Coray, the widow of Hans Coray, and return it to the production lines.

The young Swiss designer Michel Charlot has designed the Davy Table, a light, stackable table made entirely of aluminium, to go with the Landi Chair.


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