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‘Jikken Office’ in Yahoo! Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Yahoo! JAPAN has been operating the co-working space ‘Lodge’ in the heart of Tokyo since 2016. It eventually became apparent that Japanese users were inclined to utilise the various options to work on their own rather than collaboratively – mainly due to traditional working habits. As this was contrary to Yahoo! JAPAN’s intentions, Vitra Japan was commissioned together with the Lodge’s interior designers to develop a temporary test environment, which not only allows communication and collaboration but also actively promotes it.

The so-called ‘Jikken Office’ by Vitra – jikken is the Japanese term for experimental – was tested for a two-month period in autumn 2017. The Vitra furnishings not only fostered more cooperative work habits. They also inspired users to spontaneously modify the layout for particular events or purposes – hackathon, lecture, teamwork, presentation etc. Given the high level of acceptance and flexibility observed during the test phase, the Jikken Office has now become a permanent installation.
Interior architecture
Nacasa & Partners
Product overview