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Orgatec 2018

Participating Partners

Vitra’s presentation is complemented by the participation of like-minded companies. The partner companies are united in their confrontation with the constant change that is impacting all sectors of the working world.

The participating partners address the ramifications of these changes on working life and present their findings as part of ‘Work’. The partners are:

Artek has much to contribute to the design and individualisation of open, informal work environments. Transversality is key; Artek furniture moves easily between work and residential spheres and can be both customised and flexibly coordinated. The Universal Wooden Chairs in the Artek collection – classic and contemporary designs – exemplify this versatility while showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainable, natural materials.
bulthaup stands for multifunctional kitchen and room systems that concentrate on the essentials in terms of form, function and material: people and their needs in the changing world. At Orgatec, bulthaup will be presenting a future-oriented overall room concept for a working environment in which people can work collectively and creatively, but also relax:, a center for communication and regeneration and the starting point for greater productivity.
Forbo Flooring
As a manufacturer of elastic and textile floor coverings, Forbo Flooring offers a variety of flooring solutions for the office segment. The newest textile design collection FLOTEX BY STARCK, created in collaboration with Philippe Starck, will be presented at Orgatec 2018.
At Orgatec, Gerriets presents innovative sound curtain systems for perfectly designed acoustics as well as flexible rooms through our “touch and divide” mechanisms. Our fabric solutions offer a wide range of products for the modern design of private and public spaces as well as offices.
Kvadrat Soft Cells
Kvadrat Soft Cells has become a leading manufacturer of high performance bespoke acoustic solutions since its establishment by Kvadrat in 2006. Soft Cells are acoustic panels which can be mounted both on walls and ceilings. Available in customisable sizes, shapes and colours, and upholstered in Kvadrat textiles, they can be seamlessly integrated into any design scheme.
As a manufacturer and supplier of bathroom solutions the Swiss company Laufen therefore observes exactly just how the understanding of life and work is changing within society. With its products the bathroom specialist occupies a central interface in the working environment, where all the threads for a health-conscious lifestyle and working style converge. Established in 1892, the company operates internationally manufacturing bathroom ceramics and faucets and distributes furniture, accessories for the bathroom and bathtubs.
The Rieder Group specialises in the production of solution-oriented, environmentally friendly, and economical concrete products. Inspired by the needs of the customers, Rieder extends the limits of the concrete material beyond its protective function. Economy, intelligence, aesthetics and emotion are the ingredients which give concrete by Rieder new significance.
Close contact with students, artists, and architects characterises the company culture at Rieder. They contribute their creativity, flexibility, and their abstract, analytical thinking to the development department of the company.
Founded in 1983, Technogym is a world leading international supplier of technology and design driven products and services in the Wellness and Fitness industry. Technogym provides a complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment alongside a digital cloud based platform allowing consumers to connect with their personal wellness experience anywhere, both on the equipment and via mobile when outdoors. With over 2,000 employees and 14 branches globally, Technogym is present in over 100 countries. More than 80,000 Wellness centers and 200,000 private homes in the world are equipped with Technogym. Technogym was the official supplier for the last seven editions of the Olympic Games.
Wästberg is a Swedish lighting company. At Orgatec, Wästberg offers an opportunity to experience how plug-and-play lighting solutions can strike a balance between new technology and fundamental human needs and play an important role in a work-related context – as a tool for work tasks and a source of well being.
Aircharge is a leading supplier of wireless charging solutions for workspaces, public venues and the home. Aircharge technology can be seamlessly integrated into any desk or table top, allowing users to charge their mobile devices by simply placing them on a charging pad without the need of a plug or cable.
In today’s modern office, storage still plays an essential role. Employees need easy-to-use lockers or cabinetry, while operators require an easy-to-manage solution.
Valued across the globe by large and small office clients, GANTNER’s electronic locking systems use pre-existing staff-id cards as locker keys and are the market’s most powerful solution to comprehensively and securely manage any storage system - staff lockers, mail boxes, office furniture, bike storage, safe boxes, and more.
IdeaPaint is the inventor and leading manufacturer of dry erase paint. Our high-performing dry erase paint, transforms virtually any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, giving people the space they need to fully explore their big ideas. Writeable, erasable and magnetic.
The Swiss company Locatee develops the smart building platform Locatee Analytics. The patent pending Big Data technology analyses different data sources from the existing IT infrastructure in real-time, thus providing companies with valuable insights for optimising their office spaces and creating more occupant-oriented office buildings. More than 20 companies world-wide rely on Locatee Analytics, such as Zurich Insurance Group, Swiss Post, UPC, Biogen and ABB.
At Naava we are reconnecting humanity with nature. We make the most intelligent green walls on the planet to bring nature inside, everywhere. We have created future technology that embraces millions of years of nature's innovation combined with Scandinavian design. Wherever you are should feel like a walk in the park. We make it happen by bringing fresh Nordic forest air and real nature indoors. All you have to do is: breathe.
Our quest is to make technology work invisibly and with maximum flexibility in the workspace to free businesses to succeed. We believe that businesses will succeed if they can simply focus on their customers, in the knowledge that all the technologies work seamlessly together.
Piaggio Fast Forward
Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) is pioneering the intelligent movement of people and goods. PFF’s first product is gita, a mobile companion that follows people on the go while carrying their belongings. gita can carry up to 20 kilos and is built for the modern workforce: light, mobile, and ready to adapt. Through products like gita, PFF is creating a new mobility ecology of sustainability, health, social connection and pleasure for all people. is a flexible system to transform offices, seminar and meeting areas into productive, collaborative and creative work environments. The core of the system are the Studioboards. These 2m² whiteboards weigh only 4 kg - providing unsurpassed flexibility and mobility. In no time at all, a creative and agile working environment can be created in any room.
thingdust optimizes office spaces leveraging internet of things technology. Improve all kinds of building spaces - meeting rooms, desks, social areas and collaboration spaces. thingdust allows customers to proactively adapt to changing requirements for modern, creative and inspiring work environments.
Vitra Consulting & Planning
The furnishing of offices is a strategic decision for the future of any company. The Vitra Consulting & Planning Team presents services and tools that will assist partners, decision-makers and employees in developing changes. A tried and tested process yields the foundations for a customised interior design. Inspirational and curated office concepts give companies an identity and employees a home.
Vitra Colour & Materials
The Vitra Colour & Material Library allows infinite combinations of colours and materials. At Orgatec, the Vitra fabric collection is presented on a display panel. Mood boards illustrate the material concepts used in the scenarios Company Home by Sevil Peach and Super Flexible Office by Konstantin Grcic, and explain the system behind the Vitra Colour & Material Library.
Vitra Colour & Material Library