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The experiences of 2020 have radically changed our perception of space, with common areas becoming the focus of debates about safety. The workplace needs to be reimagined to meet health and productivity challenges and public spaces must be adapted to provide new routes offering increased protection to those most at risk. At the same time, our homes must be reconceived as multipurpose zones.

As we overcome the health crisis in Europe, we must reshape the spaces where we live and work, and those through which we travel. Not only will we need to apply scientific evidence to the reinvention of shared environments, we must also adapt to meet the spatial demands of emerging technologies. Above all, we must prioritise the wellbeing of those using these spaces.

The new normal will manifest itself over time and across the globe. As well as adjusting to the current situation, we need to future-proof our environments by embedding the agility to allow rapid responses to ongoing economic, climate and health disruptions.

The Vitra Summit will draw on our own learning and that of industry experts, including designers, architects and scientists. Being held in October 2020, this digital summit will extend the format of the WORK Summit announced earlier this year to include concepts and solutions for the future use of spaces at home, in the office and on the go. Over two days of interactive, digital exchange, the Vitra Summit will offer an open platform to discover hypotheses, concepts, products and best practices that will aid successful navigation to the new normal.



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