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SANAA, 2010


Flower is a bench with a slender centre and petal-shaped seat design reminiscent of a clover or a stylised blossom. It comfortably accommodates at least three people who can either engage in communication or face away from one another and relax in solitude.

Initially conceived in 2001, Flower was first employed during the 7th Istanbul Biennial. Since then, the bench has been repeatedly produced in small numbers for individual projects, making it clear to SANAA and Vitra that Flower was ready to be developed for larger scale production.

This product was designed by
Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa jointly head the Japanese architectural firm SANAA. In 2010 their work was distinguished with the Hyatt Foundation's Pritzker Prize for architecture. They completed a large circular production hall on the Vitra Campus in 2012.
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