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Suita Chaise Longue

Antonio Citterio, 2010

Cosy (contrast seam/cross stitch) (10)Other colours
  •  01 pebble grey
    01 pebble grey
  •  10 classic grey
    10 classic grey
  •  09 night blue
    09 night blue
  •  08 black forest
    08 black forest
  •  11 merino black
    11 merino black
  •  04 velvet brown
    04 velvet brown
  •  06 dark aubergine
    06 dark aubergine
  •  05 aubergine
    05 aubergine
Linho (10)Other colours
  •  03 truffle
    03 truffle
  •  07 olive
    07 olive
  •  08 steel blue
    08 steel blue
  •  09 atlantic
    09 atlantic
  •  05 rose quartz
    05 rose quartz
  •  06 chestnut
    06 chestnut
  •  10 moor brown
    10 moor brown
  •  01 pearl
    01 pearl
Material description
  • Legs: die-cast aluminium, polished or powder-coated.
  • Body: webbed metal frame with moulded polyurethane foam.
  • Firm seat cushions: polyurethane foam and polyester fibre.
  • Soft seat cushions: chamber cushions filled with polyurethane chips and feathers, with polyurethane foam core.
  • Classic back cushions: chamber cushions filled with polyurethane chips and feathers.
  • Covers: removable.
Product family
The Suita sofa system combines light and slender volumes with an industrial and technological aesthetic. The geometrically precise body and cushions seem to float above the sleek, bridge-like aluminium legs, which can be seen as a tribute to mid-century American design. The Suita sofa family consists of many individual components. These can be used as independent elements or freely combined to adapt to all kinds of interior environments and furnishing needs. The seat and back cushions are…
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This product was designed by
Antonio Citterio
The architect and designer Antonio Citterio, who lives and works in Milan, has collaborated with Vitra since 1988. Together they have produced a series of office chairs and various office systems, as well as products for the Vitra Home Collection. The Citterio Collection is constantly being expanded.
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