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Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra Spin-Off Collection

2nd Drop

As part of the collaboration with Virgil Abloh, the futuristic exhibition TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE was shown on the Vitra Campus in 2019. Three products were developed as limited-edition ‘Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra’ spin-offs. The second collection will be available for purchase exclusively in North America in autumn 2020. Follow the conversation on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know.


About Virgil Abloh

In Virgil Abloh, Vitra has selected a cooperation partner who is known not only for pushing boundaries, but also for turning an entire system upside down and reinterpreting the concept of design. With his challenging way of thinking and working, the 38-year-old architect, DJ, engineer, university lecturer, artist, entrepreneur and creative director of Louis Vuitton captivates an entire generation. He uses his creativity for socio-political messages and knows how to package them so attractively that it often takes a little while to fully grasp which terrain he has lured you onto.

Publication date: 23.10.2020