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for Press Releases

All press releases are displayed at Press releases consist of a short summary text followed by links to a more in-depth article prepared for the press to download in PDF form as well as corresponding image material available for download on the mediabox.

Examples of press release subjects include:

  • Fairs or exhibitions at which Vitra has a presence
  • New installations in the Vitrahaus
  • New product campaigns
  • New products (product launch)
  • New concepts (e.g. Workspace, MyDutyFree)
  • Vitra events and initiatives (e.g. Rehberger Weg, Vitra & Camper)

Content Checklist - Press Release

To submit a press release, please use the following checklist as a guide to prepare a briefing.

Minimum requirements:
Example page - a standard press release page

  • Text
     - Title: ideally 35 letters or less
     - Subtitle: for events, the date(s)
     - Short summary text
  • Translations: for each language (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, and optionally JP)
  • Key Visual: jpeg, horizontal orientation, at least 1500 pixels wide
  • Metadata for all images / videos: in Censhare (how-to)
  • PDF documents or ZIP files for download: all applicable languages, in Censhare
  • Press images uploaded into the mediabox
  • Briefing: see "Briefings" below.

Optional extras:
Since a press release page is brief by design, the extras are fairly limited.

  • Links in text: please highlight where in the text the link(s) should be placed and specify the target URLs or pages (i.e. Designer Page, Product Page, etc.).
  • Short URL: please specify the desired URL, always in English


To create or update a webpage on, we'll need a briefing from you. To save time and effort for everyone, please assemble as much content as possible, organize it, translate it, and proofread it before submitting the briefing. Let us know where images, downloads, and links should be placed in the text and include the Censhare IDs for images and dowload assets in the briefing. If you don't know where content should be uploaded into Censhare, ask us for a content folder and we will send you the Asset ID for your uploads. Besides images, texts and documents for download can also be uploaded to the content folder.

Example of a simple briefing

Image: Roger H. Goun via Creative Commons license on Flickr