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Product Presentations

Vitra continuously develops new products that provide innovative solutions for diverse sectors – including shopfitting. Gain an overview here of the benefits and areas of application of the latest new retail products Multi-Lane, Qubo 25 P/L, Qubo 35 P/L, Mono 20 P/L and Xero Frame P/L.

Ceiling rail system

Ceilings are often neglected when designing and structuring standard retail interiors. The ceiling rail system Multi-Lane opens up new possibilities in this domain. The hanging Multi-Lane merchandise support offers electrical power for optional lighting, and an easily adjustable layout generates the impression of a floating display. The floor is left clear.

Qubo 25 P/L
Modular structural systems

Designed with square tubes measuring 25 x 25 mm, Qubo 25 P/L has a slimline, elegant appearance. The range is suited for universal wall and mid-floor structures; shelves and hanging rails can be repositioned at any time. Thanks to the electrification feature, Qubo 25 P/L readily incorporates lighting, including LED shelving, and digital devices.

Qubo 35 P/L
Modular structural systems

Qubo 35 P/L is suited for large-scale structures requiring a heavy load bearing capacity – from shelves, gondolas, wall frames and tables to complete pop-up stores. This powered system enables easy integration of lighting elements and digital media. Additional options for the incorporation of visuals and sound-absorbing or textile elements also make Qubo 35 P/L an optimum tool for a unique showcasing of brands.

Mono 20 P/L
Single point support systems

The powered round Mono 20 P/L holder, with an inner diameter of 20 mm, enables the integration of lighting and digital devices. Under-shelf LED lamps illuminate the merchandise displayed below them and prevent shadows.

Xero Frame P/L
Vertical support systems

Xero Frame P/L is a powered system for wall or mid-floor merchandise displays. The frame-shaped elements come in a range of shapes and sizes and can either be used individually or attractively combined to form appealing product walls. Electrification enables the integration of lighting and digital devices, and LED shelving enhances the appeal of merchandise. Each frame can be fitted with coloured textiles or other materials for added decorative effects, providing diverse options for customised presentations.