Atlas of Furniture Design

Vitra Design Museum, 2019
The 'Atlas of Furniture Design' is a comprehensive reference work on the history of modern furniture design. The book covers a range of subjects spanning a period from early industrialisation to the digital age.

Exceeding 1000 pages in length, the 'Atlas' is the product of over 20 years of research, documenting 1740 objects by more than 540 designers and featuring over 2800 illustrations. Key designs are analysed in some 550 texts, while in-depth essays on four historical epochs describe the sociocultural and design-historical context of the objects. In addition, the book includes an annex with designer biographies, information graphics, bibliographies and glossaries of manufacturers and materials.

The 'Atlas of Furniture Design' is an informational resource for collectors, scholars and experts as well as a meticulously crafted book for design enthusiasts.
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Atlas of Furniture Design
Atlas of Furniture Design

The Atlas of Furniture Design

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