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Hella Jongerius, 2005/2015


Inspired by Hella Jongerius’ home country - the Netherlands - the Polder Sofa’s name references a characteristic feature of the Dutch landscape: a polder is a low-lying stretch of land that has been reclaimed from the sea.

The Polder Sofa by Hella Jongerius creates a focal point in any interior: its asymmetrical shape and cushions in various fabrics and colours have given it a distinctive iconic look.

Together with the Dutch designer, Vitra has now developed a new version in colours and fabrics exclusively available from Vitra. This delicate mix of pastel shades shows the sofa in a fresh, soft light and is available as special edition from 1 September 2018 until 31 December 2019.

Polder Overview_web_fam

The large seat cushions of the Polder Sofa and Polder Compact form an extremely comfortable, asymmetrical seating surface that is flanked on both sides by the upholstered body. The shape of the body is what distinguishes the two sofas: a low armrest is integrated on one end of the Polder Sofa, while the other is bordered by an adjoining platform that also serves as a storage surface for magazines, books or trays. The Polder Sofa thus offers plenty of space to stretch out and relax, whether sitting or lying down. The seat surface of Polder Compact, by contrast, is framed by two armrests in different heights, which reduces the overall width of the sofa. The higher armrest also makes it possible to sit comfortably in a sideways position – either for reading or watching television.

With their distinctively asymmetrical structure, both Polder sofas can be optionally configured with the higher armrest on the left or right side, making them adaptable to different spatial settings. Since the platform for the Polder Sofa is separately available, it can also be used as an ottoman.

Polder Sofa - a playful composition of materials and colours

The upholstered cushions and body of the sofas are covered with fabrics in carefully coordinated hues and weaves: shades of green, red, golden yellow or night blue. In place of standard upholstery fabrics, textiles developed exclusively for Vitra by Hella Jongerius are used as cover materials – thereby intensifying the subtle interplay of colours and textures that typifies the design.

The buttons of the Polder sofas, designed by Jongerius in a collage of coloured plastic, aluminium and leather, are an especially striking detail. They not only provide an attractive contrast to the soft woven fabrics, but also facilitate the easy removal of the upholstery covers for cleaning, thanks to a simple fastening device.

"For me it’s the skin – the fabric of the sofa – that’s what gives it expression."
Hella Jongerius
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Polder Sofa
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Polder Compact
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Polder Ottoman
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This product was designed by
Hella Jongerius
The Dutch designer Hella Jongerius lives and works in Berlin. She founded the Jongeriuslab studio in 1993 and began collaborating with Vitra in 2004. Since then, she has not only contributed a substantial number of designs to the continually expanding Vitra Home Collection, but has also applied her expertise in the realm of colours and materials to the Vitra Colour & Material Library.
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