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Wall Clocks - Popsicle Clock

George Nelson, 1957

With his collection of Wall Clocks (1948-1960), George Nelson conceived a wide array of timepieces, many of which have since become icons of 1950s design.
Grand Repos & Ottoman Cork Stool Petit Potence Popsicle Clock_web_16-9
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Wall Clocks
In 1947, the American designer George Nelson was commissioned to create a collection of clocks. Nelson analysed how people used clocks and concluded that they read the time by discerning the relative position of the hands, which made the use of numbers unnecessary. Furthermore, since most people wore wristwatches, he assumed that clocks had become more of a decorative element for interiors. These ideas provided the basis for the first collection of 14 timepieces, consisting of a completely new…
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This product was designed by
George Nelson
George Nelson is regarded as one of the most important figures in American design. Active as an architect, a product and exhibition designer and a writer, he was a leading voice in the discourse on design and architecture over several decades. Vitra is the sole authorised manufacturer of specified Nelson products for markets in Europe and the Middle East.
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