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Meda Gate

Alberto Meda, 2011

Designed by Alberto Meda who infused the waiting area system with his trademark lightness and elegance, Meda Gate offers exceptional comfort thanks to a cantilever frame. Its stability and robust materials easily meet the rigorous demands associated with public waiting areas.
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Flughafen München, Terminal 2 Satellit_web_reference
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Medagate 2D DWG2D DWG, 406.59KBDownload
Medagate 3D 3DS3D 3DS, 3.08MBDownload
Medagate 3D DWG3D DWG, 693.71KBDownload
Medagate 3D DXF3D DXF, 1.02MBDownload
Meda Gate 3 seater with armrest & side tables rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 5.89MBDownload
Meda Gate 3 seater with armrest rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 5.32MBDownload
Meda Gate 3 seater without armrest rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 3.98MBDownload
Meda Gate 4 seater with armrest & side tables rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 5.97MBDownload
Meda Gate 4 seater with armrest rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 5.55MBDownload
Meda Gate 4 seater without armrest rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 4.66MBDownload
Meda Gate 5 seater with armrest & side tables rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 6.88MBDownload
Meda Gate 5 seater with armrest rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 6.48MBDownload
Meda Gate 5 seater without armrest rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 5.41MBDownload
Medagate 2D DXF2D DXF, 516.68KBDownload
Medagate skpCAD, SKP, 2.04MBDownload
Medagate daeCAD, DAE, 789.19KBDownload
Medagate fbxCAD, FBX, 1.00MBDownload
Medagate objCAD, 11.27MBDownload
Meda Gate 3-seater recliner rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 2.53MBDownload
Meda Gate 5-seater with table rfa/IFCRevit/BIM, 10.17MBDownload
Product family
Meda Gate
Meda Gate combines high comfort (cantilever frame) with easy maintenance. Meda Gate’s elegant design hides the technical sophistication that makes it easy to assemble. The system is suitable for demanding use in public waiting areas.
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This product was designed by
Alberto Meda
Alberto Meda lives and works in Milan. He teaches at IUAV University of Venice and lectures at leading design colleges and institutions. He has worked together with Vitra since 1994. During this time, his elegant designs for office chairs and a variety of tables have made a significant contribution to the success of Vitra’s Office Collection.
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