19 October 2023 – 10 am CET

The upcoming Vitra Session will tell the shared story of the designer couple Charles and Ray Eames and the furniture manufacturer Vitra, founded by the Fehlbaum family in 1950. The digital event on 19 October 2023 will focus on this special relationship that spans three generations.

It looks at how the two families work together today to preserve and promote the legacy of Charles and Ray, and we will also hear from two of the couple’s grandchildren: Eames Demetrios, Director of the Eames Office, and Lucia Dewey Atwood, Director of the Eames Foundation. Rolf Fehlbaum, Chairman Emeritus of Vitra, will give a guided tour of the Eames Collection in the Vitra Design Museum, and Vitra CEO Nora Fehlbaum and Chief Design Officer Christian Grosen will reveal how the Eames Collection is nurtured and preserved by Vitra.

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The Eames designs reflect the duo’s systems-based approach. Charles and Ray did not believe in innovation for innovation’s sake, but instead sought to find solutions for genuine needs. This gave their products a relevance that has seen them mature into classics. The Eameses’ lesson in longevity forms the cornerstone of Vitra’s approach to sustainability and provides guidance and stability in today’s fast-paced world.

As the only authorised manufacturer of Eames designs in Europe and the Middle East for nearly 70 years, Vitra continues to preserve and nurture this unique partnership.

Selected Products

Eames House Lounge Chair in Nubia_web_3-2

Eames Lounge Chair newly available in Nubia fabric

Vitra is reintroducing the Eames Lounge Chair with fabric upholstery: Nubia is a soft bouclé fabric with a lively appearance that lends the classic a warm, home-like appearance.

Home Desk Aluminium Chair EA 104 Desk Clocks Tripod Clock Terracotta Pot XL_web_3-2

Aluminium Chair in additional fabrics

Vitra is expanding its range of fabrics for the Aluminium Chair: in addition to the choice of Hopsak, the textiles Track and Cosy 2 are now also available.

Eames House Soft Pad EA 217 horizontal_web_3-2

Soft Pad Chair now also in fabric

Exclusively available with leather covers for decades, the iconic chairs are now produced by Vitra in a selection of fabrics: Laser RE, Track and Cosy.

Eames & Vitra

To coincide with the launch of updated Eames products in autumn, Vitra has published a book entitled Eames & Vitra. The book describes the special relationship between Vitra and the Eameses and presents designs produced by Vitra from the 1950s until today, shedding light on topics such as authenticity and archival holdings.
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Charles & Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eames are counted among the most important figures of twentieth-century design. Their work spans the fields of furniture design, filmmaking, photography and exhibition design. Vitra is the sole authorised manufacturer of Eames products for Europe and the Middle East. When you own an Eames product made by Vitra, you know it is an original.