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Italian Flair

New Installation in the VitraHaus, Level 1


The first storey in the VitraHaus has a new decorating scheme, presenting the home of a well-to-do couple. The pair has recently settled in the area around Lake Como. The decor looks luxurious with an Italian flair for understated elegance. Now that’s the way to live.

The installation shows a living area - game room, dining room and living room. The furniture adheres to a colour scheme of subtle and bold natural tones.

The apartment on the first floor of the VitraHaus belongs to a fictional couple. As both are often away on business trips, they particularly cherish their time together on weekends, when they frequently invite friends over to play cards or board games. Their game room is dominated by a large Akari Light Sculpture and an ornamental wall hanging.

The spacious living room is the social hub of the home and provides comfortable seating for a large number of guests with its sofa and armchairs. Despite the many classics and classic-looking furnishings and elements, the room has an airy atmosphere of freshness and ease.

Images: Lorenz Cugini

Inspirations at the VitraHaus
Vitra considers all furnishings to be a personal collage which changes over time with the tastes, preferences and the personal circumstances of the owner. In order to always present our visitors with a continuous flow of fresh ideas, the VitraHaus displays change on a regular basis, with new Vitra products continuously being added to the tour. All Vitra furniture and accessories seen can be ordered or purchased here.