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Plate Table

Jasper Morrison, 2004

The Plate Tables (2004) by Jasper Morrison feature a felicitous interplay of subtly rounded contours and precisely defined edges. They can be grouped together to form various coffee table configurations.
Soft Modular Sofa 3 Seater Chaise Longue Plate Table Eames House Whale Cork Family Cork Bowls l'Oiseau Herringbone Pillows_web_16-9
Suita 3-Seater Suita Chaise Longue Plate Table marble Grand Relax Nelson Bench_web_16-9
Plate Dining Table Standard HAL Plate Table Cité Soft Modular Sofa Potence Resting Animals Cat_web_16-9
Milano Shooting Home Stories 201777258_B_FB_web_16-9
Grand Relax with Ottoman Suita Daybed Eames house Bird Wooden dolls Plate Table marmor_web_16-9
Suita 3-Seater tufted Suita Daybed Plate Table marble Grand Relax Guéridon bas Akari NON-Eames_web_16-9
Grand Repos & Ottoman Plate Table_web_16-9
Soft Modular Sofa Plate Table HdM Hocker Nackenkissen_web_16-9
Suita Sofa_web_16-9
Material description
  • Table top: solid wood with oiled finish, natural or smoked oak or American walnut; powder-coated MDF; or Carrara marble, brushed and waxed; table thickness 15 mm.
  • Base: die-cast aluminium and powder-coated tubular steel.
  • Origin of wood: oak (Quercus robur) from Western Europe and/or Poland; American walnut (Juglans nigra) from the USA.
Product family
Plate Table
In keeping with Jasper Morrison's philosophy of 'super normal' design, his Plate Tables are characterised by an unassuming, classic shape and finely balanced proportions. Available in different sizes, the tables derive their charm from the successful interplay of subtle curves and precisely defined edges. The refined base and the thin table top in premium solid wood, marble or powder-coated MDF form a harmonious whole, yet are clearly distinct from each other. The dimensions of the Plate…
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This product was designed by
Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison lives and works in London and Tokyo. His designs are expressions of the ‘super normal’ design philosophy: rather than seeking unusual or extravagant results, he often breathes new life into proven solutions by means of reinterpretation, further development and refinement. He has worked together with Vitra on a regular basis since 1989.
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