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Coupe Papier

Jean Prouvé, 1938
The letter opener Coupe Papier by Jean Prouvé is a small-scale display of skill and finesse in the context of the French designer's overall oeuvre. A simple, functional tool that sits comfortably in the hand, it is also an object of unassuming elegance and beauty.

The original prototype was a one-off piece made from stainless steel and belonged to Prouvé's wife Madeleine. It could often be found lying around the family-owned workshops. The re-edition by Vitra is also made of polished stainless steel.
This product was designed by
Jean Prouvé
Jean Prouvé, who regarded himself as an engineer throughout his lifetime, was both the designer and manufacturer of his product ideas. His unique oeuvre, ranging from a letter opener to door and window fittings, from lighting and furniture to prefabricated houses and modular building systems, encompasses almost anything that is suited to industrial production and construction.