Showroom and Experimental Laboratory for Vitra and the Office

‘The Future of the Office?’ was the title of an essay published in 1982 by George Nelson. Like the seminal American architect and designer, Vitra has dedicated itself to the very same question for many years and is now probing potential solutions in its new Workspace – an interactive presentation of innovative ideas, insights, projects and products on the themes of the workplace and public spaces.

The structure of the Vitra Workspace resembles a mosaic: product groups of Vitra and Artek furnishings are arranged together in staged settings that interpret office concepts devoted to different functions. The spatial concept is complemented by an independent workshop area and a material and reference library as well as a café.
The Vitra Workspace is located on the first floor of Frank Gehry’s factory building on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein. The experimental project functions as an interactive installation – dealers and customers are encouraged to test, combine, plan, learn and gain inspiration. At the same time, it considers the office in the context of its historic origins and development, offering a unique perspective on the theme.
The concept was devised and executed by the London office of the Swedish architect and designer Pernilla Ohrstedt, who is known for her work with interactive spaces and for her unconventional treatment of materials. In conjunction with the VitraHaus, the Vitra Design Museum, a Vitra factory and the Citizen Office, it forges links between design theory and practical office solutions, between a focused work atmosphere and the ever-changing dynamic of a public space.

Offices at Vitra

Our offices serve as a field of experimentation. A number of them are also accessible to our customers. They convey an in-depth impression of the many different ways that contemporary work environments can be created – tailored to individual needs and requirements.