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Concepts & Projects
The office is an expression of a company’s identity. Its design influences the mindset and behaviour of employees.

For some clients, Vitra is a furniture supplier – for others, we are a full- service provider in the advising, planning and implementation of workspaces or public areas. The specific needs and preferences of the client determine our level of involvement in a project.

Based on a comprehensive analysis, we develop a concept for the future office that coordinates the communication flows, work processes and spatial organisation of the interior. In addition to the layout, furnishings and technical features, sociological and psychological aspects also play a key role in turning a workspace into a living space.

The Workspace visualises modern working environments while simultaneously considering the office in the context of its historic origins and development – offering a unique perspective on the theme of the office. Workspirit is Vitra’s project journal about office culture and the future of work.