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A family business for eighty years, Vitra believes in lasting relationships with customers, employees and designers, durable products, sustainable growth and the power of good design.

1950, as a family-owned company

Nora Fehlbaum (CEO), Sonja Hornberger (CHRO), Wolfgang Lange (CMO), Aglaia Lüthy (COO), Mark Macus (CFO), Eckart Maise (CDO)

Board of Directors:
Alexander Zschokke (Chairman), Nora Fehlbaum, Rolf Fehlbaum, Beat Fellmann

Birsfelden near Basel (CH)

Production Sites:
Weil am Rhein (D), Neuenburg (D), Mülheim a.d.R. (D), Allentown (USA), Zhuhai (PRC, Production for local markets), Goka (JP), Sao Paulo (BR), Szombathely (HUN)

National Companies and Representative Offices:
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vitra. and VitrA:
VitrA is a company that constitutes part of the Turkish Eczacibasi Group which has produced tiles and sanitary ceramics and distributed these globally since 1942. The name similarity with the brand name vitra. is coincidental; both companies developed entirely separately from one another. A friendly exchange presently exists between both companies, but there are no commercial links.