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We have a long history and vast experience of creating work spaces that promote both productivity and well-being. Our wide range of chairs, tables and accessories allows to define a work space that sits happily within our home. Whether spending the working day in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room or even the garden, our furniture will make a home office work around the clock.

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ID Cloud Tyde 2_web_16-9
Eames Desk Unit EDU Eames Storage Unit ESU PACC seablue Hexagonal Containers L'Oiseau_web_16-9
Compas Direction Aluminium Chair Cork Stool Lampe de Bureau Hexagonal Containers Eames House Bird Desk Clock Night Clock_web_16-9
EM Table Aluminium Chair EA 118 Aluminium Chair EA 119 Eames House Bird Desk Clock Night Clock_web_16-9
Tyde ID Mesh Metal Side Table Hexognal Containers Akari 120A Desk Clock Night Clock_web_16-9
Tyde Physix Chaise Tout Bois Happy Bin Hexagonal Containers Toolbox_web_16-9

Working from Home

Spending more time at home results in less time moving and more time sitting. The benefits of ergonomic furniture have become apparent. Dedicated task chairs and adjustable desks are finding their way into the home, promoting healthy postures and helping us stay concentrated, organized and productive.

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Tip Ton RE Cork Stool Girard Bird Toolbox_web_16-9


Ideal for flexible home office solutions, our accessories accomplish a variety of functions to create productive and enjoyable workstations, as well as storage once the workday is over.

Plate Dining Table Moca Panton Akari24N_web_16-9
Plate Dining Table Panton Ceramic Containers_web_16-9
EM Table Eames Plastic Sidechair EPC Eames Fiberglas Sidechair EFC Wire Chair_web_16-9

Dining indoors and out

The joy of the spring and summer months comes in blurring the boundary between inside and out. Selected dining chairs work equally well either side of that threshold, helping to create a sense of one continuous space. An unexpectedly warm day allows to fling our doors open and take a meal outside, while a sudden shower has us seamlessly moving the show indoors.

Including both classics of 20th-century design and contemporary pieces, our range of chairs constructed in weatherproof, fade-resistant materials defy categorisation.

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10 year manufacturer’s warranty for selected products

An original will always retain its worth. An imitation will never be anything but a copy, a stolen idea. The difference lies in the details – not just the quality and more obvious variances but also the sensory and emotional appeal of the authentic product. An original is a lifelong companion and may well outlive you to be gratefully received by the next generation.

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