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Resting Bird

Front, 2018

Numerous works by the creative duo Front are devoted to the systematic observation of sleeping or hibernating animals. This fascination inspired their design of a group of slumbering creatures – Resting Animals – whose poses exude a serene tranquillity. The Resting Birds are ornamental ceramic figures in two different sizes. Their peaceful presence goes beyond the decorative to communicate a deep sense of contentment.
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Resting Animals
Resting Animals are the result of a recent research project by Front focussing on the close connection between humans and figurative objects. The design duo asked randomly selected people to identify the most emotionally enriching and meaningful objects in their lives. The majority of answers turned out to be animal figures that were perceived to have personalities, specific attributes or a shared history. Previous works by Front have been devoted to the systematic observation of how various…
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Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren – both from Sweden – founded the Stockholm-based design studio Front in 2004. Known for their constant questioning of the design process, they have developed objects for major design brands across the world.
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