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Vitra Sofas
Each of our sofas has its own identity.

More than any other type of furniture, a sofa is an expression of its owner’s lifestyle. And while the choice can seem endless, one thing is certain: a sofa is always the centre of attention, setting the tone in your interior. By virtue of its size alone, a sofa’s shape, materials and colours become defining stylistic elements. Yet, its underlying purpose always remains the same: to provide ultimate comfort.

Vitra makes it easy to choose the right sofa. The Vitra Home Collection offers such distinctive styles, typologies and functional features that you will intuitively know which sofa suits you. Each of our sofas has its own identity.

Please contact your nearest dealer for more information about our sofa specials.

Brochure (PDF): Sofa

"A sofa is conviviality, it is conversation. When you think of a sofa, you think of friends or family around you."
Antonio Citterio